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LDDP Team successfully assisted its long-standing client Trammo GmbH in new court proceedings

LDDP Team assisted its long-standing client Trammo GmbH in new court proceedings. Our team successfully secured a debt in amount of more than RON 14 million. The court found convincing the arguments brought by our team and concluded, inter alia, that temporary criminal seizure of assets cannot preclude an enforcement procedure conducted by another creditor. The decision confirms once again the firm’s expertise and solid background in the field of civil obligations, debt recovery and enforcement procedures. The assistance and legal representation of the client were coordinated by our colleagues, Dr. Crenguta Leaua, Cosmin Soare-Filatov and Andreea Ciubotaru.

Trammo is a leading global commodity merchandiser engaged in the marketing, trading, distribution and transportation of wide variety of commodity products, including being a market leader in anhydrous ammonia, sulfur, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and petroleum coke.

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