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About us

The strength to look confidently into the future, to make the choices that need to be made and to walk, without wavering, the chosen path is what brought the lawyers who built this law firm together. Our team is nevertheless more than the sum of its members – the team is the source  of our stability and efficiency. And for this we, all the members of this team, are grateful to one another.

To our clients, who have honored us with their confidence in our professional ability and thus created not only the drive to be better with each step but also the strength to be fully involved in all the facets of the legal profession, we owe our deepest respect.

It is said that a true friend takes your hand and touches your heart. We all have, at a certain point in our lives, received a helping hand and, sometimes, much more than that. Every such gesture has struck a chord, for which we are thankful to our peers and friends who made it. They have boosted our trust in persevering to build and grow.

Each of us carefully keeps in his or her heart their family, the source of stability and power to build. It is from here that we leave every morning and it is here where we return after each day we dedicate to our profession. We thank them, our families, for being there for us and for the unfaltering trust they never cease to place in us.

Beyond and above all, there is just Thank you!. For ‘what good does it do for people to win the whole world but lose their soul?’

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