Trustworthy. Energetic. Innovative

The firm

Since it was established, Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP has rapidly set a standard for steadiness and high performance, due to the underlying principles of the team: professionalism, commitment and versatility.

Our professionalism starts with our method. We are rigorous in our work. Our approach combines both the scientific rigour our lawyers acquired in post-graduate, doctoral and master’s studies, as well as the creativity and strategic thinking we are accustomed to deploy due to the complexity of the projects which we constantly handle. We take a pragmatic view on the legal challenges we are handling, consistently providing integrated legal services and putting to use the complementary education in economics, political sciences, history and diplomacy of the lawyers in our team.

The dedication of our lawyers is reflected in our prompt responses, our innovative and problem solving-oriented approach, as a testimony to the passion each of us has for the legal profession.

Our flexibility has enabled us to build our clients’ trust through a tailored approach, customized to the specific needs of each client and to the specific situations they are confronted with. Our flexibility also creates the premises for our professional collaboration with other law firms, when the client’s interest so requires.

We continuously abide by the principles which brought us together, as we regard the current highly competitive environment as a privilege and an opportunity to nurture our own identity.

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