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Financing by international bodies

The assistance we provide to applicants wishing to access structural and cohesion funds comes with a great opportunity for us to develop into a new direction, in line with the development strategies of Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP.

We believe that the advice we provide to various Romanian public authorities involved in the management and implementation of programmes relying on international financing programmes, as well as to the direct beneficiaries of such financing, is a direct contribution we can bring to the long-term development of the society in which we operate.

  • Relevant activities

  • Relevant projects

  • Assistance in identifying non-reimbursable financing sources, from both European structural or other funds, and governmental funds;

  • Legal assistance and court representation in disputes involving public procurement, in favour of both contracting authorities, and the participants in various public procurement procedures;

  • Legal consulting for drafting the data sheet for procurement, matching the specifics of the agreement to be awarded, ascertaining the compliance of forms with the requirements set out in the data sheet for procurement, adjusting the draft agreement attached to the data sheet for procurement in line depending on the specificity of the agreement to be awarded;

  • Legal consulting upon drafting the terms of reference, the qualification and award criteria, etc., experience in providing legal assistance and representation during the settlement of complaints before the National Challenge Resolution Council and before courts of law.

  • Legal assistance and representation during the execution of agreements with the financing institution, as well as assistance during the implementation of the financing agreements;

  • Legal assistance during the procurement procedures in relation to projects benefiting from non-reimbursable financing;

  • Legal assistance to the beneficiary in liaising with assessing/financing institutions (Intermediate Body, Managing Authority, etc.);

  • Legal assistance in drafting (intermediate and/or final) applications for reimbursement and representation in disputes pending before courts of law, in relation to such issues.

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