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EU law

A considerable and valuable specialisation acquired by our team of lawyers consists of their ability to provide consulting and court representation services in matters relating to EU law, constitutional law, and human rights.

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  • Analyse the correlations between the legislative EU system and the Romanian law;

  • Analyse issues specific to various industries in terms of the implementation of EU laws in Romania;

  • Representation services in work groups set up by public institutions to draft legislation or analyse bills to amend the existing legislation;

  • Submit legislative proposals to amend laws in order to harmonise domestic laws with EU law or to implement best practices in certain industries;

  • Draft bills for the amendment of existing legislative enactments, including in the tax field, in line with the European Union laws;

  • Analyse the constitutionality of legal provisions in reference to European Union laws;

  • Representation before the Constitutional Court in cases concerning pleas of non-constitutionality submitted against certain legislative enactments;

  • Representation before the European Court of Human Rights, in proceedings conducted before the Court of Justice of the European Union, as well as in liaising with the European Union institutions;

  • Drafting legal opinions, preparing legal solutions in connection to alternatives of resorting to the provisions of European Union law;

  • Submission of preliminary questions in disputes pending before the Romanian courts of law.

  • Legal assistance and court representation in favour of a company before the national control authorities, in connection to the implementation of projects financed from European funds, an agreement amounting to approximately 1,000,000;

  • Legal assistance and court representation services supplied to a foreign company operating in the energy industry, for the harmonization of domestic laws with EU legislation governing energy and “offshore” labour;

  • Legal assistance provided to a company operating in the financial industry for the harmonization of domestic laws with EU legislation in areas of interest for the company.

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