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Intellectual property law

The team of lawyers at “Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP provides legal consulting and representation services in matters involving intellectual property law. Our particular interest in this area of practice is reflected in both the value and diversity of our law firm’s client portfolio and the high level of specialisation that some of our lawyers have developed in this particular line of work.

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  • Drafting intellectual property agreements – trademarks, geographical indications, inventions, designs and industrial models, copyright, etc.;

  • Consulting and representation in various intellectual property law-related matters, especially as regards the legal avenues available for the protection of intellectual property rights;

  • Specialised consulting in matters concerning the interference between intellectual property law and other legal branches – civil law, national and international trade law, competition law, complex issues arising from mergers and acquisitions, internet law, tax law, etc.;

  • Expert consulting for the protection and enjoyment of the right to good name;

  • Representation in disputes pending before Romanian courts of law;

  • Representation in disputes falling under the jurisdiction of Romanian arbitration courts or of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre;

  • Representation in mediation proceedings and in other alternative dispute resolution proceedings, in particular in cases concerning the protection of trademarks upon the registration of internet domain names.

  • Assistance and representation provided to leading multinational companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry, deriving from the infringement of their trademark rights through the bad-faith registration of identical/similar trademarks;

  • Assistance and representation provided to one of the largest Romanian insurance companies in a dispute arising from unfair competition, further to the use of an advertising slogan;

  • Assistance and representation before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in favour of a leading company developing one of the largest franchise networks in Australia, aimed at securing the registration of its trademark in Romania, in opposition proceedings to trademark registration;

  • Assistance and representation provided to a famous Romanian actor and director in connection to his copyright in a cinematographic work, but also to a well-known folk music performer, in respect of his copyright;

  • Assistance and representation provided to a top German company distributing pharmaceuticals, in connection to the conditions laid down by Romanian law for importing pharmaceutical products;

  • Assistance and representation provided in connection to license issues to a renowned company active in the field of research-development, during the negotiations for a technology license agreement for the production and use of gas, but also consulting supplied to a Romanian company in the process of securing a license to use the rights in an online game;

  • Assistance and representation provided in cases concerning infringement and unfair competition, including in regard of infringement motions for the unlawful use of trademarks in the tobacco industry or for the unlawful use of industrial models in street advertising.

  • Our lawyers are included in the lists of arbitrators/panelists of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and regularly attend working arbitration sessions in matters pertaining to the evolution of case law, in connection to disputes settled under the umbrella of the above-mentioned organization;

  • The lawyers of our firm have published numerous scientific articles and chapters in specialised works and have given various lectures or reports in national or international conferences and symposia, in matters relating to intellectual property.

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