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Labour law

An area of practice that we have successfully handled throughout our professional activity concerns the specific regulations governing labour law. The matters we have been dealing with in this area of the law are complex, ranging from legal consulting to representation in court and assistance in drafting relevant legislation in this field.

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  • General legal consulting in connection to various issues deriving from employment relationships, including in connection to the specific status of budgetary employees, such as: drafting internal regulations and regulations applicable at entity level, salary, rights and obligations of the employer and of the personnel, secondments, disciplinary and ownership liability, issues relating to occupational health and safety, management of workplace incidents, employee protection in case of business transfer, etc.;

  • Legal assistance in the negotiation/conclusion/amendment/implementation and termination of individual employment agreements and collective bargaining contracts;

  • Legal assistance in respect of individual and collective lay-off procedures;

  • Provision of legal assistance and representation in court for the employees of central public institutions in connection to the validity and enforcement of the collective bargaining contract;

  • Drafted, submitted and defended the writ of summons for members of a syndicate, in relation to the recalculation of salary revenues by including bonuses set out in special laws and in the applicable collective bargaining contracts;

  • Legal assistance in personnel restructuring following merger and spin-off procedures, but also further to the reorganization of the companies’ business;

  • Legal assistance in relation to immigration of workers and the employment of foreign nationals;

  • Drafted legislative bills in the field of labour law or having implications in that line of work;

  • Represented litigants in court disputes concerning labour law issues.

  • Long-term ongoing legal assistance and representation of a public cultural institution, with approximately 200 employees;

  • Legal assistance and court representation in labour law matters, for institutional customers (central authorities and public institutions);

  • Legal assistance to a worldwide leading in oil and mining company, for matters concerning the immigration of manpower and the employment of foreign nationals, as part of an extensive project;

  • Long-term ongoing legal assistance and court representation before courts of law, in connection to labour law issues, for top national companies and within groups of companies, operating in the fields of construction works, distribution of personal care goods and food supplements, furniture production and distribution, etc.

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