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Environmental law

One of the most complex projects that our team of lawyers has tackled in matters of environmental law tapped on our expertise in domestic law combined with EU legislation. Our experience in this area ranges from assistance and court representation provided to central public authorities or private companies, to drafting legal opinions on controversial aspects associated to the national and EU legislation in this field of law.

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  • Legal assistance provided to public institutions competent in the environmental sector, in connection with the issuance of specific administrative instruments;

  • Legal consulting provided to companies in relation to the legal requirements on environmental protection and environmental permitting;

  • Representation in environmental law disputes for the cancellation of administrative instruments, and for the award of damages;

  • Legal assistance provided to Romanian contracting authorities, as they are defined by Government Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2006.

  • Legal assistance and representation of a central public authority for a significant number of disputes in which the authority is involved, in both administrative and misdemeanour litigation;

  • Legal assistance and representation to a central public authority in matters pertaining to a sectoral operational programme, including representation before any public authorities/institutions/bodies, but also for the fulfilment of any formality or operation necessary in defending its interests, in relation to the organization, operation, inspection, jurisdiction or penalty thereof;

  • Legal assistance and representation in connection with the agreements/arrangements/protocols concluded by a central public authority during the implementation of a sectoral operational programme. Drafting reports on the legal issues and implications of owning goods (built-up infrastructure, means of transport, equipment, etc.) created and/or purchased under projects implemented in reliance upon the applicant’s Guidelines corresponding to the programme, totalling 215 million, out of which 172 million is a grant received from the European Union;

  • Drafted the standard template of the Financing Agreement for a sectoral programme, with a total budget amounting to 3,266,508,423;

  • Drafting the standard template of the Financing Decision for one of the financing areas in the environmental field, involving an overall financing of 107,940,423.

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