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Natural resources law. Energy.

The lawyers at Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP have been involved in legal advice and court representation services provided in key projects in the energy industry, supplying expert assistance to both public authorities and producers and large industrial consumers on the Romanian market.

  • Relevant activities

  • Relevant projects

  • Legal assistance and court representation in specific matters of law and sectoral regulation in the field of natural resources – oil, gas, electricity, etc.;

  • Legal opinions in issues deriving from the mining of natural resources and various agreements concluded in this area of law;

  • Advised in various civil law matters, such as rights of easement relating to the operation and transmission of oil, natural gas, and electricity;

  • Drafted and negotiated agreements for the distribution of natural gas;

  • Prepared service agreements in the field of oil, natural gas, and electricity;

  • Drafted legal opinions in relation to specific regulatory matters, including the operation of and trading on energy markets;

  • Legal assistance for issues specific to incentives available for the use of renewable energy generation sources;

  • Legal assistance regarding the legal framework of “offshore” workers and harmonisation of national and EU regulations.

  • Legal assistance and court representation of a foreign company active in the energy sector, in connection to the compatibility between domestic laws and EU legislation, in the field of energy and “offshore” labour;

  • Provision of legal assistance and representation in a dispute concerning the implementation of Directive 2003/87/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 October 2003 establishing a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community and amending Council Directive 96/61/EC in Romania (the value of greenhouse gas emission certificates at stake was of approximately 40 mn.).

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