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Consumer law

Our lawyers hold considerable experience in the protection of consumer rights, providing specialized assistance in a wide and complex range of legal issues and representation in disputes before national courts.

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  • Legal assistance and representation in connection to legal matters pertaining to product safety, labeling and warranties;

  • Drafting or revising contractual clauses and fulfillment of obligations set out by laws, in terms of provisions specific to consumer protection;

  • Legal assistance in respect of the legal relationships with public authorities and institutions competent in the field of consumer protection;

  • Assistance regarding the submission of draft legislation governing consumer protection;

  • Legal representation before the National Consumer Protection Authority and courts of law.

  • Legal advice in favor of one of the worldwide leaders working in the field of electricity and energy (design, manufacturing and trade of equipment, engines and related technologies) in a project for the sale of turbo-compressors and chargers, in connection with matters pertaining to the safety, labeling and packaging of goods;

  • Legal assistance and court representation, in favor of a significant Romanian company working in the construction business and interior design sector, in disputes whereby the company challenged fines imposed by authorities competent in the consumer protection field;

  • Legal assistance to companies in various sectors, such as: manufacturing and sale of furniture, supply of motor products and services, purchase of fantasy jewelry and decorations, purchase of cosmetics and food supplements, etc. in connection with implications entailed by consumer protection laws in their day-to-day business, among which: the status of distance contracts, issues concerning custom-made products, issues concerning the warranty and labeling of goods;

  • Court representation for private individual clients in disputes relating to the infringement of consumer protection laws, in agreements entered into with banking institutions;

  • Legal assistance and representation of one of the leading Romanian leasing companies in relation to issues arising from abusive clauses contained in financial or operational leasing agreements;

  • Lawyers of our firm have attended, as national contributors for Romania, the Consumer Law Compendium Project, coordinated by the European Institute for Legal Studies, the Osnabruck University of Germany. The project was aimed at assessing the extent to which some of the most significant directives in the consumer protection field have been implemented in the domestic legislation, such as the ones governing abusive clauses in agreements concluded between traders and consumers, the purchase of tourist packages or consumer protection, upon the conclusion and performance of distance contracts.

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