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Competition law

In the field of competition law, Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP provides advice and court representation in a wide range of matters associated to the enforcement of national laws and EU regulations.

  • Relevant activities

  • Relevant projects

  • Legal assistance for the preparation of commercial agreements compliant with competition rules;

  • Legal assistance and representation in specific procedures conducted before the Competition Council;

  • Assistance and representation to ensure the client’s compliance with the competition law in various operations, such as mergers, takeovers, joint ventures;

  • Advice in connection to the interpretation and enforcement of the applicable legislation in force, interpretation of antitrust rules;

  • Legal assistance in legal issues relating to State aid.

  • Legal assistance in favour of a Romanian supplier of postal services that needed support in preparing and filing a complaint with the Competition Council against the infringement of competition rules caused by the appointment of Compania Nationala Posta Romana as universal supplier of postal services and the rights reserved thereto;

  • Legal assistance provided to a leading foreign telecom company that needed to establish principles of co-operation with a Romanian company developing an underground cable network project, including from the perspective of its potential impact upon competition and the infringement of competition law through collusion and abuse of dominance, generated by the lack of resort to alternative infrastructure;

  • Legal assistance and representation in favour of a national company acting in the trade of fruit and vegetables, as part of an investigation concerning potential price fixing, both before the Competition Council, and before the court of law;

  • Legal assistance and representation in favour of a well-known Romanian taxicab company, in an investigation conducted by the Competition Council on price fixing allegations.

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