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Insurance law

The team of lawyers at Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP provides customised solutions to clients in various areas of practice. The current economic context has generated the need for lawyers’ specialization and a permanent concern for the integrated approach to services.

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  • Legal assistance and representation in court, provided to insurance companies, brokers and insurance agencies in organizing their business relations in connection with the insurance activity;

  • Advice in relation to insurance and reinsurance agreements, and insurance brokerage agreements;

  • Legal assistance and representation provided to the insured entities in their relationship with brokers or insurance companies.

  • Legal assistance and representation in favour of clients, direct or indirect victims of traffic accidents, in the form of class actions, in court claims for moral and material damages against insurance companies. The claims covered by the jurisdictional proceedings amounted to approximately 3,000,000;

  • Legal assistance and representation provided to a public authority in a dispute initiated against an insurance company, whereby the court was requested to compel the insurer to pay damages amounting to approximately RON 16,000,000, consisting of the equivalent value of the insured goods;

  • Legal assistance and representation provided to private individuals and legal entities, in disputes stemming from the enforcement of goods and personal insurance agreements. Tort was instated and indemnification was imposed against the persons directly involved in the events having generated the civil damage.

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