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International trade law

Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP has provided expert advice and court representation to an impressive array of international companies, supplying legal support in highly complex commercial transactions and disputes, working in a wide range of industries.

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  • Drafted legal endorsements, legal assistance to clients that needed support for their international commercial agreements (sale-purchase, distribution, transport, leasing, technology and license transfer, franchise agreements, agreements for various financing options, etc.);

  • Represented the clients in negotiations over international commercial relationships, including complex investment projects;

  • Advised a multitude of international companies for the implementation of their investment projects in Romania, assisting them to structure their international transactions so as to adjust them to the legal concepts applicable in Romania;

  • Advised Romanian investors for the implementation of investment projects abroad;

  • Represented clients in national and international disputes, international commercial arbitration proceedings, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

  • Legal assistance and representation provided to a foreign company that took over the construction equipment division of a leading foreign corporation in the automotive manufacturing industry. The transaction involved several countries, among which Romania, and required the harmonization of all components in each country with the agreement signed by the parent-companies, in particular the correlation of several law systems and planning the internal procedures, in order to make sure that the takeover occurs in all of the countries concerned simultaneously, while also tackling issues pertaining to competition law or transfer of employees, in observance of the special laws governing business transfer or the subsequent capital increase;

  • Legal assistance and representation provided to a top international company operating in the textile industry that entered the Romanian market by investing in the development of a Romanian distributor, aiming at 10 mn. worth of sales. The transaction required the conclusion of a co-operation agreement, including a development loan and facilities for the supply of goods and an investment recovery plan by setting up an escrow account, which to collect the equivalent value of sales to domestic clients and from which to distribute the amounts to the distributor and foreign investor. The co-operation also made it necessary to handle competition law issues applicable in connection to vertical arrangements;

  • Legal assistance provided to a leading foreign investor active in the mining industry, including ore processing, in assessing the opportunity to invest in taking over a lead processing company undergoing insolvency (reorganization), but also in structuring its bid;

  • Legal assistance and representation provided to several Romanian investors in the renewable energy sector, in order to amicably settle the dispute with the foreign investor and have the foreign investor’s holding taken over by another investor;

  • Legal assistance provided to one of world’s leading companies operating in the telecom industry and defence equipment throughout the process to prepare, analyse, structure and negotiate the financing by private capital contribution in one of Romania’s most significant telecom projects;

  • Legal assistance and representation provided to a top foreign technology manufacturer that needed legal support for taking up the assets and business from a Romanian entity;

  • Legal assistance provided to one of the most important chemical fertilizer merchants throughout the process to prepare, analyse and negotiate the deal aimed at financing the operations of one of Romania’s largest chemical fertilizer manufacturers, in a transaction exceeding $100 mn.;

  • Legal assistance to a US company specializing in financing export of aircrafts in a complex international transaction, totalling $11 mn. The transaction covered the conclusion of an international financial leasing agreement, security agreements and the preparation of a due diligence report for the users. The transaction required special coordination of the stages (importing the aircraft, having it registered Romania and getting the AOC (Aircraft Operating Certificate) for the user);

  • Legal assistance and representation services provided to a US-owned company that needed to close a complex 7 mn. deal. The transaction involved several successive operations, starting from a due diligence report issued for the user and guarantors, the conclusion of an international financial leasing agreement concerning the aircraft, followed by sub-leasing the aircraft, and the conclusion of an operational agreement with an operator certified by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority and registering the aircraft in the Romanian territory, including registration of the aircraft in the operator’s AOC (Aircraft Operating Certificate), in order to allow the operation thereof for business purposes, but also monitoring the process whereby the sub-lessor acquired an AOC;

  • Consulting provided to a Swiss company in connection to the recovery of the funds extended to a Romanian joint-stock company facing a high insolvency risk, but also in relation to tax issues and the applicable treaties for the avoidance of double taxation;

  • Legal assistance provided to a foreign company, as part of a complex co-operation project with a Romanian joint-stock company operating on the cereal market, in connection to a financing agreement doubled by the supply of goods, with a security pledged in the form of mortgage on shares and storage certificates; the legal assistance included support during the negotiations conducted to arrange the enforcement of obligations and recovery of the financing, but also to modify the security pledged on the company’s shares accordingly;

  • Consulting provided to a leading Romanian investor in new energy solutions, in complex projects consisting of the co-operation/development of joint-ventures/acquisitions, liaising with foreign investors, touching upon several legal systems applicable to the same transaction;

  • Consulting provided to a Romanian company to settle the dispute with a foreign company, a supplier of fire protection equipment, deriving from failure in certain equipment and the bank’s refusal to make payments in accordance with the letter of credit. The transaction fell under the scope of the Vienna Convention and of two legal systems;

  • Legal opinion issued in relation to a trial pending before the House of Lords in London, in connection to international insolvency matters.

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