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Gheorghe MATEI

Tel: +40730591222
Email: gmatei@lddp.ro

Gheorghe MATEI has acquired an abundant experience in tax law and tax litigation matters, at every jurisdictional level. The in-depth knowledge of financial and tax law, of the Romanian laws in these sectors, has secured his success in providing legal assistance to both Romanian and foreign companies as well as to public institutions in Romania.

He held public offices for more than 10 years, including as a senior civil servant, in the central public administration, and was involved in drawing up and/or endorsing significant legislative bills. He was the litigation department director of the institution in which he worked.

He has a degree in law from the Bucharest University and obtained his PhD from the West University (Universitatea de Vest) in Timisoara.

He teaches Taxation of Legal Entities in the master’s program of the Faculty of Law of the Bucharest University. He authored or co-authored several articles, studies and commentaries published in high-profile reviews, mainly in the financial and taxation areas of practice.

He speaks English.

Areas of expertise:

  • Administrative law
  • Public procurement
  • Energy law
  • Natural resources


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